Acoustic Journeys 

We just started this category and plan to release a full album by the springtime.  Keep checking in, we'll be putting each single up as they become available.

Descriptions of each journey are found below the music player.

Previews are full length.  Stream, share or purchase & download from here.

Purchased downloads provide high quality, pro-level audio in wav format.

Acoustic Journey - A sus 1

Some 12 string action going on in this tune.  It is based on the open A sus chord.  You can play through the whole tune by just picking arpeggios from A sus, open A, etc.  You're likely to find yourself deeply immersed in this one as you play along.  An overdriven electric starting at 1 minute adds a sweet contrast.

Acoustic Journey - G 1

This tune is a short four piece movement.  The music of each movement reflects a different mood.  Triumphant, Reflective, Happy, then Peaceful.  Each movement transitions with layers of strings that bridge some fine acoustic picking.  The tune is in G, yet the harmony was overlaid with chords from DADGAD alternative tuning, making the bass note D.  The harmonies are complex, the tonal quality of the acoustics will soothe your soul.

... inspired by the Universe

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