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learn to play smooth jazz guitar with backing tracks

the philosophy, gear and practice behind it all

If you like our tracks - let us know - inspire others with your creativity ...

Seriously, your grooves have been a lifeline for me. They've allowed me to add electric fusion/smooth jazz guitar to my Classical Spanish Guitar/Native Flute performances. Wind instruments are a bit questionable in a performance space during the COVID time. Your tracks have allowed me to expand my repertoire offerings for clients. I really like your tracks because they're not loops...they are arrangements. I've built an entire set from your tracks! Thanks again for your amazing contribution to musicianship!

Some really great tracks here and my partner and I enjoy jamming with them. We have a duo where I do sax/ewi/mixing and Les does percussion and looping. Lots of fun and we do our first gig Sunday.
I look forward to getting some more of your great tracks!