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Smooth Jazz Backing Tracks - Jazz Blues arrangements for daringly creative guitar and horn players to work out and expand their musical chops.  These are not your stereotypical smooth jazz selections.  Our smooth jazz tracks are homegrown for a level of artistic authenticity that allows you to explore new ground.

Acoustic Meditations - Beautifully crafted acoustic music - a unique playlist where acoustic tones can sooth the psyche.  Jam . Chill . Heal to however they suit your purpose.

Cinematic Music Tracks - speak for themselves with effects, tension, drama and resolve.  See them in action.

Improvised Guitar Styles - Guitar improvisations over various styles demonstrating phrasing techniques that incorporate intervals and arpeggios into the melodic line development.  All tracks use the guitar practice methodology found in our all other content tab.

Special Artist Contributions Special Artist tracks demonstrate personal artistry combined with the shear joy of self expression.  Listen to the creatively talented people that stopped along the way to share their gifts.

If you recorded some lead over a creative track that you're happy with, send it in and we'll share our thoughts.  We're always open to collaborative opportunities.

New Releases - New stuff right off the burner.  Stay current on fresh tracks for new ideas.  We're always cooking up a few fresh organic goodies.

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