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we are developing a
Dedicated Music Video Channel 
just for music and people like us

imagine a site where we share our own creations & collaborations 
a flexible dedicated platform with no ads or distractions

Creative Music Tracks in collaboration with Just Jimm Productions offers production support for creative artists who participate in CreativesUnite.Online

Set Tree_edited_edited.jpg

if you are a solo artist who creates art, poetry, music or song and have content you'd like to publish on one or more of our music channels - contact us

if your music needs some help, that's ok

we have an audio lab, musicians and a vision

to create the best quality we are capable of

If you send something in - we'll take a look and give a listen.

If it fits, we'll reach out to you.

The Creatives Unite Online platform is conceived to be the heart and soul of the musical art community.  There is no cost to join in and play.  

Humanity heals humanity through connection.  If you like the themes on our Creatives Unite site and have a talent you'd like to share, please read on.

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