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“Backing Tracks are ruining the Music Industry” … we don't think so

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

I have received the above quoted comment more than once when promoting new music on Facebook.

As such, I’ll take a stand on what I believe to be true and what we accomplish by sharing music, ideas,

non-judgement and respect with all of you who engage us.

Our tracks help musicians grow. To become more confident. To work on creating their own sound so they can play with others if they choose to do so.

Our tracks are a gift to those who play alone, who have music in their heart but no one to play with, or no local talent they find available or inspiring.

Our tracks help solo performers get and sustain work. It keeps them out there, playing with inspiration while offering something different and new while earning money.

Our tracks are a product for those who want to create their own melodies and recordings, providing them a professional background most local bands could not emulate.

With that said, creative organic growth is happening all over the globe. We are a mere catalyst providing a musical resource to the human spirit that thrives on creativity and connection.

We don’t put bands out of work. We provide beautiful backgrounds that inspire those who choose to use them in their journey as a musician.

More so, we provide a canvas for an artist to sketch on. Over and over again.

That’s what great artists do.

When it comes to practical matters, a gigging musician with a great band isn't going to fire everyone because he or she likes to jam with a backing track. Yet a musician without a band can experience what it might be like to play like a pro, and in that process grow as a person and as a musician.

So how exactly is the industry hurt? Budding artists are being supported globally and we invest heavily into that process.

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