Behind The Moon in A Minor

Behind The Moon in A Minor starts off with bass vibe reminiscent of Rikki Don't Lose That Number by Steely Dan ... then it fluidly morphs into a likeliness of Moondance by Van Morrison verse, but without the chorus.   It's actually quite cool.  Especially later on with a funky change in the bass line that's accented with horn shots.  You' don't expect either one, but they work, and it's a great place to pause and come back in fresh.

The main feature of the track is that it is multilayered with counter harmonies that could stand on their own.  Yet they can equally embrace any A minor pentatonic lead additions you lay on top.  It's a fun piece that'll have you dancing in your seat ... or working in that Moondance lyric.  Listen for it.

Behind The Moon in A Minor

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