Special Artist Contributions

lessons from the creative souls who were inspired to play along the way

Every now and then like minded creative spirits come together in unanticipated fashion to explore a shared and energized focus.

The tracks that follow demonstrate these special moments.  The contributors didn't just chip in, they jumped in and put passionate intention on it.  They were drawn into the sound and took aim at a deeper musical connection.  Their contributions became part of the timeless connective tissue that made its mark here.  

We provide collaborative material to open up some new perspective ... to illustrate where others have found the common ground to explore a deeper level of musical prowess, the kind of stuff that comes out of nowhere and puts you in a whole new place.  Palpable, "can do no wrong" creative energy.  The universe at play in its perfect state.

In the spirit of sharing collaboratively produced music, and the lessons taught by the creative artists who have freely given their gifts - we present:

Dan O'Brien

We'll come clean on this piece right away, admitting it started as a jazz progression to work out the theme to Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage.  That's where Dan was headed, until he decided to take the voyage elsewhere.

Dano's Voyage is a classic Q&A between guitar and sax, captured in a pristine mix that goes long and evolves through multiple latitudes.

Dan is a dedicated horn man, passionate about his jazz, generous with his craft.  He contributed the horn work during the Singleton Sessions that follow below as well.

From Canton, CT - welcome the gifted sax work of Dan O'Brien

Dano's VoyageDan O'Brien
00:00 / 05:39


Inspired by the creative outlet, Jonathan sent his tracks via email to share his delight with the recording sessions he had recently completed.   We were immediately drawn into his style - which for us is so reminiscent of Jon Klemmer's incredibly fluid Touch, Glass Dolphins, and Waterfalls. 

When we received Blossom Trail, Jonathan agreed to a collaboration and gave us some room to try out the new D'Angelico Arch Top, which had arrived just several days before.

We took the intro and tried not to overstep our bounds with a nylon string run later in the piece.  Jonathan's generous spirit and gifted horn work squares him keenly with the concept of creative music tracks ... artistry inspiring artistry.   

From Coursegold California - welcome the inspired sax work of Jonathan Whitney Dweck

Blossom TrailJonathan Whitney Dweck
00:00 / 03:24

Rich & Liz

From Breeze Bayou Studios in NY, Rich slips in some classic electric guitar motifs that drive the groove.  

Liz, from the northwest hills of CT, takes the alto sax to creative heights as she exchanges back and forth between Rich and I ... my hand on the nylon string guitar.

Somewhat old school with a pseudo - Smooth Operator vibe, Sway is one sweet piece of collaborative music.   The creative exchange will hook you somewhere along the way.   Sway is romantic, and flush with a classic 80's sound.

From the Northeast Corridor of the US - Rich, Liz & Lou collaborating on Sway

SwayRich & Liz
00:00 / 04:08

Jacqui Singleton

Jacqui came across our music in New York City, when a friend and co-worker was playing one of our tracks during a work break.  She wrote some lyrics, took a road trip to meet us, and sang her songs like a vintage saxophone in the hands of a virtuoso.

A gifted playwright, lyricist, vocalist, song writer, human rights activist and author of children's books, Jacqui's heartfelt words flowed through her soulful spirit with natural ease.  She was a jazz instrument in her own right.

Jacqui passed on early one winter morning ... on her way to church to sing with the choir. 


We offer these three recordings in her memory and in honor of her life and friendship.

They are just a few of the many gifts she left behind.

From Richmond VA - the singing and songwriting talent of Jacqui Singleton

Island BoyJacqui Singleton
00:00 / 05:17
Spend Some TimeJacqui Singleton
00:00 / 03:12
Summer ThingJacqui Singleton
00:00 / 04:16

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