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Here's what's up at Creative Music ...

To avoid confusion, you won't find cover tunes or standards here.  Nor will you find anything midi, karaoke, numbingly repetitive or haphazardly mixed.  And most definitely never a computer based loop track.  No offense, they all have their place.  It's just not how we produce original music for musicians and producers.


To make things more interesting, there is no one predominant style or core genre driving our vibe.  It's our vibe driving our vibe, and we blend things up to enhance the work in unique, yet very musical ways.


Guitar and horn players gravitate to these tracks because they flow, filled with a diversity of rich, well timed and unpredictable enrichments that add professional subtlety.  Our guitar and horn tracks blend genres in new and exciting ways ... always giving you fresh material and new ideas.  You will come to find that we are unique in regard to your experience on this site versus other sites you may visit. 

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To start off with, you can stream these tracks all day - free.  Here on the site, out on Youtube, Spotify (see the footer at the bottom of this page).  That makes them portable and conveniently accessible.  We want you to play them, wherever, whenever.  And if you're on this site, we keep it clean, well organized, not a million things trying to grab your attention ... and no ads.  This is a music site.  For you to explore your creativity with something new.  


Why originals?  Anyone can improvise over a cover tune.  It's almost handed to you by playing a variation off of the verse.  Fun, yes, inventive perhaps for a while until it's routine and gets old.  Over time it becomes rote performance versus artistry.   


Creative Music Tracks are all about putting aside the routine licks to explore creating your own.  That's our definition of improvisation.  Calling it up from the inside.  Confidently executing your own notes on the fly.  Aka Signature Sound.  That's where the joy is.  It just takes a lot of playing time to become confident.

studio with bass and dog

Creative Smooth Jazz & Chilled Ambient Styles for the Creative Artist


The music you find here is for you to use in ways that you find personally rewarding.  The tracks are designed for music practice, skill development, improvisation, recording and live performance, yet they have other applications as well.


Acoustic Meditations . Ethereal Soundscapes . Funkified Grooves


Music lovers, musicians, producers, videographers, and the naturally creative artist use these tracks to expand on what they've always wanted to do with a studio quality track.  Whatever the project, the diversity of our tracks provides a wide range of flavors captured in highly dynamic rhythm beds.


We won't get into a long debate about studio quality, yet will share this tidbit from our perspective.  Studio quality means a dynamically panned mix with what we'll term a judicial level of EQ.  We like the EQ warm, but not enough to dim the standout tones elsewhere in  spectrum.

In the process of expanding our track set, we've come to find an awesome healing power in the acoustic meditations, which will be an ongoing focus in the growth of our library and instrumental track offerings. 


Natural acoustic vibration seems to have a direct healing effect on the nervous system.  Perhaps one of the many appealing secrets behind the soul of acoustic music players.


Our trade secret is simple.  It starts with hands on feel, authentic sound, deep experience, artistic respect, and a fearless stance at being genuine.  That's what makes Creative Music Tracks perfectly natural.  And honestly, the audio production itself starts off as an improvisation of sorts.  They are somewhat born unto themselves in that way


Artistry in the production, artistry in your performance.  Street percussion, horn, ethereal voice, melodic or slide guitar, strings, electric violin, padded synths - you never know what may slip in.  But when it does, it flows as if it was always meant to be there.  Perfectly natural.  And it doesn't get in the way if you listen for it.   


The diverse variety of instruments, electronics and textures add to the contemporary sound.  And we have an amazing line up of guitars, often used to dress up a rhythm bed on the fly ... that's where the feel comes from.  If you're not playing at this level, the content on this site can get you there if you stick with it ... especially if you're a guitar player following the play tips in our guitarist tab.

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Is there any old school mixed in?  Old school enough to hear some classic generational influences that will make you smile when something triggers a memory.


How do you know?  It will bring a past energy back that you recognize with a smile.  Enjoy the moment.  Old school serves its purpose in these tracks without being in the least bit outdated.  These are timeless sounds we often capture in the midst of all else.  Don't imagine boring here.   


As the artist, you can just flow with your own ideas without getting locked up in a progression that makes the experience so typically routine or predictable.  Instead, it's like jamming with a few pro's at your side.  Fit in, trade off, there's plenty of room.  You don't have to take over, but you can if you want to.


What about the Ethereal and Vocal styles to play over?   We can get quite ethereal, very acoustic, often resulting in complex multi-layered cinematic soundscapes.  Ethereal voice is an additional accent in many of our pieces.  We find these tracks to be deeply moving and spiritual.  They appeal to our visceral senses.  They help tie it all together from a mental perspective.  Calm the mind.  Remove distraction.  Hear the music. 

musical oasis

And for all of you, the solo artists, how to engage?  Why not start with a single note and focus on finding a level of soul in your execution.  All the A minor backing tracks make it so easy.  Or pick an open A minor chord to an A minor track with your acoustic guitar, the simple beauty will move you.​  Or import a wav file into your daw and do both.  That's where you can get really imaginative and super creative.  Perhaps supernatural.


That's why free streaming is important to us.  We want you to fully experience any track that catches your interest.  It just works better when you start with a track that speaks to you. 


Try your hand in a key you find easy.  Keep your improvisation simple at first.  Just go with the notes that you know will work.


Listening to the complete track also reveals many of the added elements that make a track worthy of making the Creative Music Tracks Roster


A track has to pass numerous standards before we put it up for the public to engage.  For those of you who produce your own music, purchasing a wav file download allows you to import a pristine mastered audio file into your system.  Then it's up to you to take it where you want.  Gain valuable training and experience by experimenting with new lines that follow the flow of the music.


Our free streaming players allow you to easily navigate, share and control the selection of tracks.  Most audio vendors of this quality protect their tracks from piracy by only providing short clips.  We all know that's not enough for a legit evaluation. Creative's pricing purposely allows you to legitimately build up a new collection of unique audio files very quickly and affordably.  


So let's get to the music.  We like to heavy up on warm acoustic guitars, can't always avoid the latin, and somehow come up with a mix of pro quality arrangements that can be used in a myriad of settings from totally chilling out, going for a drive, being with your favorite person, or back to their original intention - a soulful playing experience between you and your instrument.   


Contemporary smooth jazz flows with it's own creative vibe.  We don't try to mimic the pop jazz that gave smooth jazz its bad reputation.  Guitar and horn accents provide professionalism, ideas to work off of.  We strive for pure soul and just the right feel you would get from side performers.  We put you center stage with real instruments, nothing predictable, and always with the utmost amount of taste.  Feel a note and find it.  Or find a note and feel it.  You are the artist that makes it come alive.

horn man.jpg

No matter whether you gig, practice, DJ, produce, scat or just simply want to have something cool to jam to, here's our deal.  


Our studio quality backing tracks are built on creative imagination.  They are produced by musicians who love to spend their play time jamming with new ideas.   


Jamming to new ideas is the practice of improvisation.  You don't have to be a great player to enjoy them.  If you are no longer enthused with the backing tracks you are working with, we offer something a little different.   Why?  Because we're jamming to these tracks all day long, and hardly twice the same way.  They are a proven learning tool that will dramatically improve your phrasing technique by practicing how to interact with other instruments just as if you were in a band setting.  Yet they are easy to follow and don't have confusing changes to distract you.   


This helps you play by feel, and every soloist you love plays by feel.  Pick some tracks you like, stick with them, be patient and challenge yourself, listen to what's going on and what you want to add, find the fingering, follow the flow and feel the excitement of finding new ideas that ultimately become keepers in your repertoire.  


Creative Music Tracks make this great fun as you learn how to pause and integrate your lines within the music you are playing to.  Your lines become more powerful through subtlety vs. dominating the track with non-stop notes.  Our rhythmic grooves can help you develop new lines and technique by simply following the counter rhythms, pads, strings, pauses or any sub line present in the track.   


You actually learn to not overplay your part by playing along and syncopating single notes within the flow of the music.  It's a great technique that most of us miss for years, yet if you listen to some of your favorite players, they are doing just that.   


Perfect for breaking out of scale patterns.  Perfect for perfecting single string techniques that get you guitar players up and down the fingerboard.  Perfect for jamming your heart out. 


It doesn't matter if you were looking for a blues backing track, a jazz track or soft acoustic backing tracks.  Creative Music Tracks provide dynamic rhythm beds that can be used for recording any style you choose to play over them.  The emotive, minor pentatonic tracks are a perfectly natural fit for north american flute players.  Most horn players find lots of love in the smooth jazz tracks, and its wide open territory for guitar players.  The keys are chosen with all of you in mind. 


These are professional backing tracks produced for musicians who require something above and beyond the every day backing tracks that you can find just about anywhere.  We cater to those of you that are inspired to interact with a wide range of musical influences and instruments including voice.  The added attention given to producing our guitar and horn backing tracks makes them stand out from the rest of the pack in a distinctly noticeable way.  


We specialize in contemporary non-cover music so you get to develop and experiment with your own melodic lines over and over again in a way that feels right and seems natural to you.  Each arrangement is plush with warmth and offers creative variation to avoid the repetitious boredom that can be so uninspiring when you're up against a longer track.Try playing shorter lines that speak to each other ... the hallmark of great soloists.  Variations in our percussive rhythms help you get there with subtle yet distinct transitions.

Considering the vast confusion around musical styles, we've given up trying to define our style in a way that any discerning musician would agree with.  Creative's backing tracks definitely lean toward a smooth down tempo feel that blends with other styles including ambient, dance, electronic, reggae and blues.  At the end of the day, we redefine backing tracks with a unique style that is purely original. 


If you like the contemporary sound of Steve Oliver, Michael Franks, Ronny Jordan, Rick Braun, Lee Ritenour, Pat Metheny, Boney James, Norman Brown, Peter White, Chris Standring, Larry Carlton, Doc Powell, Alan Parsons, Enya or even Sade - these backing tracks play to the same distinctive, jazz-informed, neo-soul feel.  

We're also known for often sticking some funk in the background just to spice things up a bit.  Let's not forget the Latin influences.  Horns, keys & percussion add pure soul to the sound along with a touch of Brazilian guitar.  It must be in our blood.

brazilian funk final

On that note, it pretty much doesn't matter what music you love to play.  It just comes down to imagining all the possibilities you can create when you break out of the standard format box. 


That's the big difference when you go original.  The main focus is to engage the music and be inspired to try something new.  Our guitar and horn backing tracks incorporate many influences that are sure to add to your musical experience.  


We plan on continually adding more  tracks on a regular basis.  All original music gives you something different, something a cut above what everyone else is doing in the hope we can inspire your imagination in new ways. 


Here is where you can let your inner melodies expand into a fresh space.  We take pride in providing studio quality backing tracks to all the artists, students and self taught heroes out there.  These tracks are essential for exploring your creative side and bringing your technique to a more polished, professional level.


The secret of great soloists is that they experiment all the time.  


They always explore.  


Treat yourself to a whole new gig.  Be Original. 


Get Creative!

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