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License Agreement

In a nutshell ...


You can add instruments and voice to a track to produce your own work.

You can share your own work any way you want to, including videos and social media.  

You can perform live with these tracks, even in a band setting.  This includes performances where you earn pay. 

You can make a CD and sell it if we are given credit for the track(s) in a way that is noticeable.

You can DJ these tracks (also for pay if they pay you).

You can use them as background during breaks.

You pay to use a track in the aforementioned ways without taking ownership of it. This means you cannot sell them as they are when you download them from the site.

You can copyright your own work that uses them with permission. Upon hearing the work, we may request a small % of the ownership rights for our portion of the work.  This typically would not exceed 25%, assuming you've developed the tune with your own contribution or that of others.  This is a standard protocol when distributing digital music on the larger commercial platforms.  Nevertheless, we love to hear all creative tracks re-produced by our clients whether copywritten or not.

The real big no no is copying tracks off the site without purchasing them. Unfortunately that's theft.  We don't encourage it. 


Mass Market Licenses and Exclusives: 

Email us for questions on large budget productions, appropriate pricing and exclusivity ... 

or if you have any other questions.

That's the official.  You should be good to go.

All the best ...

Creative Music Tracks

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