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 ... the creative approach ...

The backing tracks we produce are more than just a product.  They are individually crafted as their own unique body of work with an ear toward life, fluidity and motion.  They are not based on theoretical designs, genre or popular markets. 

The end result is a genuine piece of original music that stands on its own and can provide the backdrop for a solo artist to blend in with.  To create stirring leads from their own vibe and energy.  To explore something new.


Music is a mysterious gift of life and love that we're all drawn to and connected by.  Find comfort in your own interpretation.  Explore the artist inside you.

Album pricing on our full featured wav files makes it easy to legitimately build your own library up with a set of tracks that will inspire your imagination time and time again.

From this day forward ... play on.

Lou C

Creative Music Tracks

inspired by the Universe

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