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The Creative Approach


The instrumental tracks we produce are more than just a product.  They are individually crafted as their own unique body of work with an ear towards life and everything that comes with it.  That's what makes them flow from the blood for the added emotion.

Most often, the end result is a genuine piece of original music that can stand on its own or provide the backdrop for a solo artist to blend in with ... to create stirring leads from their own vibe and energy ... to explore something new.


Music is a mysterious gift of life that we're all drawn to and connected by.  Find comfort in your own interpretation. 


Patiently and consistently explore the artist inside of yourself. 

Give your instrument the time it needs to unfold naturally within you.  Find that connection.  Let it become part of your language.  Then speak with precision and project yourself forward.


Creativity is freedom, it cannot be forced.  Unto itself, creativity is an exploratory force that flows with its own mind if left uninhibited by judgement.  Steve Jobs said creativity is connecting things seemingly unconnectable.

We continuously play to these tracks to hone our craft.  And in the process we learn.  What we have learned so far is that it seems wiser to follow the music and allow it to teach us new things vs. trying to force what we know over it.

That is what unlocks the creativity and unleashes the growth.

Lean into it and play with passion. 

Music is the most powerful form of collective joy.

All the best,



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