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each set contains 5 or more of our highest quality remastered tracks

no demo filler is ever used - all tracks are complete as heard

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Vintage Smooth starts off with one of our most popular tracks, Rae Anne in D Minor.  The entire set of 6 tracks are some of Creative's earliest works that gave birth to the brand.

Romantic Smooth is a top 6 track set perfect for laying in that extra special touch on a weekend night.  It's a jazzy romance waiting to happen.

saxophone player and a dog
sax player in night club

Classic Swag is all jazzy swagger. 

Another brand defining 6 track release from Creative.

Smooth Acoustic is a set of 6 smooth acoustic guitar tracks that offer an expansive and ethereal playing experience.

acoustic smooth jazz cover
nylon string guitar and stump

Latin Sun kicks off a sultry groove with some of our most powerful tracks.  Get ready to go long with this amazing 7 track set..

Latin Cantina is the book end to Latin Sun.  These 7 tracks are great fun for all instruments.  Check out the steamy latin spice served here.

sax girl hat.jpeg

Apollo Summer -  A special 8 track set for those of you that marvel over the Apollo years. Apollo himself has been recognized as a god of archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing and diseases, the sun, light, poetry, and more.

Sunday Morn is the largest of our 2 blockbuster sets including 7 bonus tracks.  This 12 track set provides acoustic and ethereal backgrounds, sacred pads, heavenly cellos and meditations.  Perfect for engaging a laid back Sunday with your instrument.

These Roads.jpeg
three piece on stage

Acoustic Blues offers the very nuance of acoustic guitar in a traditional ... and not so traditional blues format.  Play the set for over 15 minutes of the bluesiest tracks we offer up.

Ambient Dream is a 7 track set that starts with our most popular ambient track, Callie Blue in D Minor.  For a creative experience in the ethereal realm, the Ambient Dream set is one of a kind.

multicolor musicians head graphic
The Country House

Back Home is another blockbuster set including an additional 5 bonus tracks. 

This 10 track set will keep you practicing all through the day ... and long into the night.  You can always find yourself grounded when you go Back Home.

Just a touch of country and we make it upbeat and fun.  5 tracks of southern road strumming.

B&W Road

HipFunk is late night jazz, funky horn jazz and funk percussion jazz.  Its hip and its funk.  Put your jazz blues hat on for this outstanding set of upbeat tracks.

HipFunk II is a 5 track jazz blues follow up to HipFunk I.  Improvise through an exotic journey that takes you to Topanga.

smooth jazz 1 cover art
good juju cover art

JuJu Trax is an 7 track set of mixed bag tunes we didn't know where else to put, except here.  JuJu Trax are exceptional even if placed at the end of the block.  A big value set is right here.

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