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no demo filler is ever used - all tracks are complete as heard

studio art of a musicians head


Smooth Jazz

We currently offer 5 Smooth Jazz Albums


Latin Sun

We currently offer 2 Latin flavored albums featuring nylon string guitar.  A third album is in production and is slated for release in mid 2024.  If you love the Latin, keep an eye out for it.  It's going to be a good one.

nylon string guitar and stump
a little house on an island


Ambient & Chill

Our ambient and chill tracks



Our current Blues 1 album is a mix of traditional acoustic blues along with some creative blues arrangements.  Blues 2 is currently in production and will include several vocal blues tracks.  It slated to be released mid 2024.

amplifier and guitar


Acoustic Double

Creative's Acoustic Hearts offers up 12 great arrangements that strum up to a good serving of acoustic guitar backing. 

guitar sketch


Jazz Ballads

Some of our most popular tracks follow a more traditional ballad format

female sax player and guitar


Vocal Elements

Vocal Elements is a collection of creative music tracks that have ethereal vocals weaving in and out of the rhythm bed.  If you love to play around a sultry vocal, give a listen.

two female singers


Late Nite Jazz

Late Nite Jazz has the more sophisticated ear on the traditional jazz side of things

guitar close up


Social Soundtracks for Video & Film

A new avenue for us that we are in the process of developing.  More to follow.  

These tracks are intended for personal use and social sharing only.  Commercial files are in development.

cello player
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