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Ron McCowan

2023 Creative Artist of the Year

Ron's head shot

I just wanted to share how I use your beautiful tracks.  You guys are awesome.  Looking for more tracks from you that I can use.  Thank you for your awesome work!

Ronald McCowan - Feb 2023

Shawn Ervin

I hope you enjoy my ideas. I appreciate the quality of the product you create from the musicianship to the mood and structure of the track.

Thank you!

Shawn Ervin - Apr 2023

Jonathan Whitney Dweck

I am glad I have found your website store. I purchased two tracks and used them to “invent”, improvise and record. This has become one of my passions over the past two years. Thank you for your talented musical tracks.  

Regards, Jonathan Whitney Deck 

Nov 2019

Thank you Jonathan for engaging us in the early days and letting us play guitar on your sax track!  It was an incredibly fun and memorable collaboration !  Your sax work is art my friend. 

Lou @ Creative

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