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Behind The Music ... 


Once upon a time there was an old man that loved to play guitar

in the alley just outside of his home in Brooklyn, New York.  He had

enormous natural talent and played with a joy that was infectious.  

He became my mentor when I was just 8 years old.

Through the years, I dabbled in many different styles of music in

search of my own sound ... which ultimately became a blend of

everything I enjoy.

When music comes to me, it seems to tap some deep, obscure

emotional energy that randomly surfaces to have its say.  Words

can't describe the profound experience of playing masterfully

without over thinking what you are about to play.  When it flows

out naturally, the session becomes magical.

My mentor gave me a lifelong gift.  A shared passion for treating

music as a creative art and the joy in finding the state of mind to let

it flow ... uninhibited by rules and expectations.

The process of becoming a musician is a journey.  We don't create

music, it flows through us.  We are merely conduits in the universal

scheme of things.


So be in the moment and enjoy what comes to you.  The secrets

reveal themselves slowly over time.  No one can sell them to you. 

They are uniquely yours to develop in your own way.  

The backdrop we provide is nothing more than a canvas for you to sketch on, over and over again.  Great players practice and experiment as much as they can, which is the secret to their greatness. 


We are all born from the Universe.  It watches over us and sends its gifts when we are open to receiving them.

Wishing you all the best in your musical endeavors.

Ciao for now,

Lou Camporeale

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