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Track Roster by Album


Set 1 - Vintage Smooth

  1. Rae Anne in D Minor

  2. Amber City in C Minor

  3. Felicidad in A Minor

  4. Behind The Moon in A Minor

  5. Muy Bueno in C Major


Set 2 - Romantic Smooth

  1. Summers Touch in C Minor

  2. Tender Keys in B Minor 

  3. Romance in A Minor

  4. G Major 1

  5. Just Like Old Love in G Minor

sax player in night club
acoustic smooth jazz cover

Set 3 - Classic Smooth

  1. Swag in C Minor

  2. Can't Say in A Minor

  3. C Suite Minor

  4. Smokey Vocal 1 in B Minor

  5. Oceans Apart in C Minor

Set 4 - Smooth Acoustic

  1. A La Maison in A

  2. Antares in A Minor

  3. Open E

  4. San Miguel in C Major

  5. Gone to San Ramon in Asus

nylon string guitar and stump
sax girl hat.jpeg

Set 5 - Latin Sun

  1. Subtle Spanish Beats in C Minor

  2. Brazilian Blue in D Minor

  3. Simply Beautiful in A Minor

  4. Forever Love in C Minor

  5. Ola in E

Set 6 - Latin Cantina

  1. A Few Guitars in E Minor

  2. Luigi in E Minor

  3. In The House E Minor

  4. Slow Havannah in A Minor

  5. E Minor Blue


Set 7 - Apollo Summer

  1. April Daze in E Minor

  2. A Prayer for the Road in E Minor

  3. From Here to There in E Minor

  4. Apollo Summer in G Minor

  5. One Small Step in C7

  6. Nite Kiss in F Minor

  7. Tranquility Base in G Minor

These Roads.jpeg

Set 8 - Sunday Morn

  1. Solemn Cellos in C Major

  2. Sacred Dust in C Minor

  3. Sunday Morn in A Minor

  4. Morning Meditation in C Minor

  5. Acoustic D2C

  6. These Roads in C Minor

  7. Themes in A Major

  8. A Gentle Love for E Minor

  9. C'est la Voix

stage w 3 piece.jpeg

Set 9 - Acoustic Blues

  1. All The Blues in E

  2. Ya Daddy's Blues in E

  3. Acoustic C Minor Blues

  4. Slow Sunday Blues

  5. Downright Blue in E

musicians head art.jpeg

Set 10 - Ambient Dream

  1. Callie Blue in D Minor

  2. Ambient Dream in B Minor

  3. Bliss in A Minor

  4. Winter Solstice in A Minor 

  5. Winter Whispers in G Minor

The Country House

Set 11 - Back Home

  1. Back Home in C

  2. Guitar in A Major

  3. Piano Moon in A Minor

  4. Hazy Daze Juice Loop C Minor

  5. Burrago in B Minor

  6. Let It Go in C Minor

  7. Evening in E Minor

  8. Twelve Strings in E Minor

  9. Amoroso in D Minor

  10. Acoustic Wah in E Minor

Nashville Stage

Set 12 - Nashville Honey

  1. Nashville Honey in C Minor

  2. On The 101 in B Minor

  3. A One Lonely Acoustic in B Minor

  4. Devil Dance in D Minor

  5. Arielle in E Major


Set 13 - HipFunk I

  1. A Little Funk in C Minor

  2. Maji Dance in A Minor

  3. Etherel Funk Groove in E Minor

  4. Nagual in C Minor

  5. Uptown Funk in C Minor​

smooth jazz 1 cover art

Set 14 - HipFunk II

  1. Shady Biz in D Minor

  2. Down in A Minor

  3. Blue's Groove in A Minor

  4. Carla's Jam in C7

  5. Topanga in G Minor​

good juju cover art

Set 15 - The JuJu

  1. Over Easy in B Minor​

  2. Walk in A Minor

  3. Cold Brew in C Minor

  4. Guitar in E Major

  5. Grace Notes in C Major

  6. JuJu in G Minor

  7. Piano Trippin in E Minor

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