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Inspired by the Universe


This is the topic we hold near and dear because it is the core inspiration that shapes the creativity of each and every musical piece we produce.

We don’t think of the Universe in typical fashion.  We’re not thinking of it in terms of the Hubble, the Big Bang, galaxies, stars, black holes, academic theories or cosmic mystery.  We consider the Universe to be all of the natural elements in earthly life that are gifts to behold.  It is our own personal sense of the universal gifts we experience.

This means a gentle rain, a newborn child, a deer crossing the path, fresh fallen snow, a country road, young love, laughter, romance, reflection, grief and sorrow.  

Music is attached to the emotions each of these experiences brings to us, it adds sensitivity and connection.  It is the common bond between we humans and the things we encounter around us.  We have music because we have air and vibration.   We have life for the same reason.

As Carl Sagan once put it, we as humans are the manifestation of universal intelligence.  And we look upon the mysteries of the universe to learn more about ourselves.

The journey and evolution of a musician never ends.  We start with basic lessons, painful fingerings and frustrations.  We learn songs and endlessly search for validation while we wear our hearts on our sleeves.  We courageously persist to a level of public performance and mess up quite a bit in the process.  We tolerate the inadequacies, attitudes and egos of other players while we grapple with the stereotypical plight of a musician’s life.


Yet we are driven.  Driven to keep on keeping on with some level of hope to reach a professional level that conforms to society’s expectations and judgement, that we are accepted as legitimate performers, expert with confident ease.

And then suddenly we realize that all of it is just training and prep.  That we can call upon these experiences to connect with our inner selves to let the creativity flow.  That human conventions are guide posts thru the path, nothing more.  It is the free and creative flow of the music that gives it special life and spirit.  And it is right in our very hands for the taking if we approach it wisely.  Naturally.

This is the secret no one can sell you.  Play what you feel and draw upon your life’s experiences without worrying about being uniquely different … which is what makes us all very special in our own right.  Pick up your instrument and make your mark on life without fear of rejection.

Experiment, gain experience, take it all in to learn and grow.  Most of all, tap your universal gifts with gratitude and be joyful.

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