Signature Sound

Mastering Improv
on Guitar
for Adult 

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insights, guidance and practice lessons for those who truly want to learn how to create
their own signature sound

The secret is to get as much as you can from as few notes as possible.  That's how you learn to play with depth and sensitivity.  


Here we will lay out one of the easiest paths to navigating the guitar fretboard so you are always in command of developing your own sound ... and naturally confident in the note choices you make.  It's as easy as learning the ABC's on the guitar fretboard - literally ... with just enough theory to tie it all together.  Keep coming back as we develop it. 

This page is geared toward beginner adults who might want to try their hand at understanding the breadth of their instrument through practicing improvisational technique.  Students explore their inner voice vs travelling down the long and painful experience of rudimentary book lessons or hard to follow videos produced by more fluent guitarists.

You learn to play by playing and by following the one on one guidance of a guitarist with decades of experience.

lets get to some basic building blocks to get started

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Lesson 1.png

the lesson track to practice to

Antares in A Minor

Next, try the notes A, B, C and open E to some A Minor Blues.  The notes work equally as well.  Create tension using B and C.  Resolve tension by going to A or E. Practice hammering all notes with open E.  Congratulations on a great first step if you are here!  Have fun with this next one.  It's a rainy day blues with a little thunder in it.

Slow Blues in A Minor

lesson 2

Lesson 2.png

the lesson track to practice to

Back Home in C

Play B with your index finger, C with your second finger, then D with your pinky. Explore variations of that note combination using some repetition to lock into the sounds you like. Then slide D to E on 12th fret.  You are starting to build your vocabulary.  Add the notes and skills you attained in lesson 1 including open E as you work on various note combinations that appeal to you.

lesson 3 coming soon