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Our guitar backing tracks require a little creative imagination.  They are produced by guitarists that love to improvise and experiment with new ideas.  You don't have to be a great guitar player to enjoy them.  If you've had a guitar in your hands for a number of years and are no longer enthused with the backing tracks you are working with, we offer something a little different.  Why?  Because we play guitar to these tracks all day long, and hardly twice the same way.  They are a proven learning tool that will dramatically improve your phrasing technique by practicing how to interact with other instruments just as if you were in a band setting.  This helps you play by feel, and every soloist you love plays by feel.  Pick some tracks you like, stick with them, be patient and challenge yourself, listen for whats going on and what you want to add, find the fingering, follow the flow and feel the excitement of finding new ideas that ultimately become keepers in your repertoire.  

Creative Music Backing Tracks make this great fun as you learn how to pause and integrate your lines within the music you are playing to.  Your lines become more powerful through subtlety vs. dominating the track with non-stop notes.  Our guitar backing tracks can help you develop new lines and technique by simply following the counter rhythms, pads, strings, pauses or any sub line present in the track.  You actually learn to not overplay your part by playing along and syncopating single notes and intervals within the flow of the music.  It's a great technique that most of us miss for years, yet if you listen to some of your favorite players, they are doing just that.  Perfect for breaking out of scale patterns.  Perfect for perfecting single string techniques that get you up and down the fingerboard.  Perfect for learning new two string intervals.


It doesn't matter if you were looking for a blues backing track, a jazz track or soft acoustic backing tracks.  Creative Music Tracks provide dynamic rhythm beds that can be used for recording any style you choose to play over them.  They are very pentatonic friendly.


These are professional guitar backing tracks produced for guitarists who require something above and beyond the every day backing tracks that you can find just about anywhere. 

We cater to those of you that are inspired to interact with a wide range of musical influences and instruments including voice.  The added attention given to producing our guitar backing tracks makes them stand out from the rest of the pack in a distinctly noticeable way.  

We specialize in original backing tracks so you get to develop and experiment with your own melodic lines over and over again in a way that feels right and seems natural to you.  Each arrangement is plush with warmth and offers creative variation to avoid the repetitious boredom that can be so uninspiring when you're up against a long track.

Try playing shorter lines that speak to each other ... the hallmark of great soloists.  Variations in our percussive rhythms help you get there with subtle yet distinct transitions.  

Considering the vast confusion around musical styles, we've given up trying to define our style in a way that any discerning musician would agree with.  Creative Music Backing Tracks definitely lean toward a smooth jazz down tempo feel that blends with other styles including ambient, dance, electronic, reggae and blues.  At the end of the day, we redefine backing tracks for guitar with a unique style that is purely original. 

If you like the sound of Michael Franks, Ronny Jordan, Rick Braun, Lee Ritenour, Pat Metheny, Boney James, Norman Brown, Peter White, Earl Klugh, Chris Standring, Larry Carlton, Doc Powell, Alan Parsons or even Sade, these backing tracks play to the same distinctive, jazz-informed, neo-soul feel.  Every backing track is elegantly produced, giving you the space to explore your artistry.

We're known for often sticking some funk in the background just to spice things up a bit.  Let's not forget the Latin influences.  Horns, keys & percussion add pure soul to the sound along with a touch of Brazilian guitar.  

On that note, it pretty much doesn't matter what music you love to play or what kind of guitar you play.  It just comes down to imagining all the possibilities you can create when you break out of the standard format box.  That's the big difference when you go original.  

The main focus is to engage the music and be inspired to try something new.  Our guitar backing tracks incorporate many influences that are sure to add to your playing experience.  

We plan on continually adding more  tracks on a regular basis.  All original music gives you something different, something a cut above what everyone else is doing in the hope we can inspire your imagination in new ways.

We take pride in providing high quality backing tracks to all the artists, students and self taught hero's out there.  These tracks are essential for exploring your creative side and enhancing your technique.  

The secret of great soloists is that they experiment all the time.  They always explore.  

Our backing tracks for guitar are suitable for any instrument.  Our focus on guitar music is based on decades of guitar playing and a need to create backing tracks that speak to our to our vibe.  We hope you enjoy them too!

Treat yourself to a whole new gig.  

Be Original.  Get Creative!

... inspired by the Universe

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