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Godin 5th Ave Night Club

the look and feel of a totally pro level instrument

A guitar like none other I’ve played.  Ever.  It’s the Kingpin II on steroids.  At first it was hard for me to truly define the variety of things that set it apart, yet after a few days with it, the standout features start to become clear.


I realized first that you don’t buy this guitar to replace some other guitar you have.  This is not a guitar that is going to be like most others in your arsenal.  You buy this guitar for a totally different playing experience – and to step up your game.  Let me break it down and explain why.


The first thing that instantly struck me was the playability of the fretboard.  It feels wider than it looks and the spacing of the strings along with the factory action allows you to play each note or chord with incredible articulation.  The precision is second to none, and there’s ample room to grab the more complex chords more easily.  It’s not the kind of guitar you want to be sloppy on, it’s pro level all the way.  The extra stretch of the fingers is welcome in this case as it’s not overdone.


We went with D’Addario Chrome Excel flat wounds (.12 on top) … which feel like smooth cables that sound full of warmth, tone and bite.  Up against a TV Jones single humbucker, this guitar is nothing short of a tonally superb instrument.


Most reviews will get into the aesthetics of the piece, we’ll let the pics do the talking.  Suffice it to say the craftsmanship is world class.  Godin is not known for cheaping out the build.  They build guitars for serious guitarists.


Two side notes.  The Bigsby is fun and adds so much even with just a subtle touch.  The arm swings comfortably out of the way so it never becomes intrusive.  The TV Jones pickup is amazing.  It took a while to dial in the settings on the pedal set.  The guitar is very warm.  A slight brightening of the mid and high-end tones make it sing.


The guitar is very light and feels delicate.  If you lean towards jazz and slowing down a bit to learn new phrases, this instrument should suit you perfectly.  It’s beautiful in every respect and a proud keeper for sure.

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