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The Custom Legend

built in 1986

The Oh-vee.  That's what we called them.  When Ovations became popular, it seemed that anyone who could afford one - had one.

The Custom Legend was top of the line when this piece was made 36 years ago.  Everything is original except the electronics.  We're located one town over from the original Ovation Mfg plant, and a generous operations manager provided updated electronics on the house.  He said it was part of the warranty since I was the original owner.  More than 3 decades after the fact.  Lucky me.  And thank you sir!

In my humble opinion, the Ovations are not going to give you the woody twang of a Taylor or a Martin - the fiberglass bowl back produces a different, more versatile sound.  It's deep and resonating.  Acoustic jazz, smooth jazz, blues ... all ring off this guitar with clarity, warmth and power.  It's a well built, strong instrument that can do a lot.

If you consider it more as a jazz blues, smooth jazz, fusion style acoustic electric, that's where it will meet your expectations.  That's where it shines.


This particular piece, now with updated electronics, can provide a wide range of sound that is beyond the breadth of many other acoustics I've tried in its price range.

When you hear the fat, rich steel string acoustic arpeggios playing in the background of a track, It's the Vintage Custom Legend.

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