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Ovation's Ultra 2071

a diversified workhorse


Ovation's are very unique guitars that require some additional perspective to truly appreciate.

The Ultra 2071 build is near pro level with decent adornment, and it has the big bold sound Ovations are known for.  It's classified as top rate for intermediate level.  We think that sounds correct.

The headstock is classic Ovation, no mistake there.  Retail, the tuning machines are silver in color.  They're good, we just like the look of the gold Pings that were reasonable enough to replace with.


The quality and attention provided by the New Hartford CT mfg facility in the completion of the instrument is first rate.  We've been to the factory.  It's a serious place with serious equipment - these folks are hands on and in the detail.


Now, add the deep round bowl that provides the low end resonance, which includes on board EQ and tuner.  You can dial right into the very tone you are after.

I would tell you that the Ultra 2071 is amazing for what it costs to own one.  It is very well built and has a strong powerful sound.  The fingerboard is fast and smooth.  It holds tune forever. 


It is not necessarily a country and folk twanger.  No doubt it can back you on a ballad.  For us, it really works for smooth jazz when you want to blend in a good fusion of acoustic jazz blues lead into your project melodies.

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