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Godin Multiac Grand Concert

one of creative's most used guitars


The Nylon String ... A Godin has been leading the way since the beginning.  

The Grand Concert has some weight to it.  There's a lot of wood in the body.

The first thing that got me on this guitar was the neck.  The width and the feel of the neck make this guitar an absolute delight to play.  It's synth ready with a 13 pin midi plug ... we don't use it since we're not synth fx heavy.

The guitar has EQ controls that allow you to narrow in to the precise nylon sound you are after.  Like every Godin I've ever played, the electronics cannot be beat.  What you hear is the nylon resonating off of the top board ... which is signaled to the output jack via piezo's in the bridge.  

The guitar is smooth and fast.  Godin seems to get it right every time.  Just take it out of the box and go.  We push it through a tube amp and a pedal set.  When you hear nylon string guitar on any Creative Music Backing Track - it's this sweet & lovely instrument.

Nylon string is a core element of what we do.  This guitar was selected because it surpassed all expectations. 


Of all the classical guitars we have tried and owned, the Godin Grand Concert wins the prize.  You can do anything with it.

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