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Godin Kingpin II

a designated six string favorite


The 5th Ave Series Kingpin II quite frankly took me by surprise.  It's moderately priced at $995, yet performs exquisitely nonetheless .  I would gig with this guitar any day of the week.  The model is the Cognac Burst Single Cutaway with a pair of P90 pickups., which are just right on this archtop. 

The guitar is light.  The sound is warm and full.

For strings, we use flat wounds with .11 gauge on the top.  D'Addario Flat Wound Chromes are the choice for this guitar.  The guitar produces incredible tone.  We play it through a Fender Blues Junior and it takes any pedal with grace and ease.

The Kingpin II is beautiful in a minimalist sort of way.  The non-laminate finish no doubt adds to the tone since the top board resonates like a vintage piece.

The tail piece isn't fancy, no decorative abalone on the neck ... and when you first pick it up it can give the impression that it is slow and too acoustic like in the feel of the fretboard.  Our hunch is that round wounds will make it ring out more like an acoustic.  We prefer it as a jazz box.  The tuners are pro level - really great, precise ... they hold tune forever.

If you play one, plug it into a tube amp if you can.  The warmth and clarity is fat and rich.

Can't imagine ever being without a Kingpin II.

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