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The Taylor 214 Concert Edition


The Taylor - so incredibly unique - the signature Taylor sound rings out loud with the 214 Concert Edition.

We originally went after the Taylor to get the bright acoustic twang we couldn't tease out of the Ovation.  We wound up using it for most of the acoustic tracks, including the blues tracks.

The original intention behind the purchase was to create open tuning acoustic chord melodies.  This is where the Taylor 214 CE stood out for me.

The balance across the tonal spectrum on this guitar is among the best I've played when it comes to acoustic steel string.

Strapping the strap to the back pin is a pain.  The pin is oversized and part of the rear battery housing.  It has a flimsiness to it, and you need the Taylor strap for the custom sized rear strap hole.  Once on, you're good.  Working it is a bit more of a nuisance than you would expect from a higher end acoustic.

If you're after a concert level acoustic sound, this guitar will not disappoint.  It too runs off of piezo's in the bridge wired to EQ knobs found on the volume panel. 

It's a fine instrument.  I hope they change the rear pin design.

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